Music Is My Life;How It All Started-Sparrow Gh






Hanging out With Yaa Pono


Sparrow And Donzy




With Opanka


Growing up in New Town, a suburb of Greater Accra, was a young talented and skillful rapper, born Eugene Owureku Agyeman Kyei-Yeboah known by his stage name as Sparrow Gh. Born into a nuclear family of four (4); that is his Parents, himself and a sister. He started his primary level at a prominent school called Deyoungster International School. After primary, Sparrow was enrolled in St Peters Mission School where he attained a little bit of his primary level education but according to him, some situations took turns and he couldn’t complete there. so he continued at a school called St Pauls School, Ashaleybotwe in Accra, where he completed Junior High School(Jhs). He later had an admission into Tema Secondary High School known as Temasco and completed in a technical  institution called Don Bosco Technical School where he studied Electronics. Asked why he wasn’t able to finish it all at Temasco, he said in an amusing tone “I was kicked out because of hard ear. Na ibe stubborn oo“. Oh Yes!  Funny right? I know.

                My Journey: How It All Started

After his Secondary level in school, Sparrow Started meeting music engineers like Dejoe, Prince Wani and also Mr Brown beatz. That is where his dream to be a musician came into being and started recording demos here and there. Recorded his first demo titled “Ready” produced by Dejoe”. And according to him the songs recorded with the above Engineers were not released. Asked why, his reply was “They weren’t cool, so i never released them sake of, if e cme  out aa, dead” . As we all know, challenges are bound to come and in every challenge God Promises us victory. And also the Success we see, brings many loss. Sparrow in his quest for success, had his take of this challenges. Life became tough and rough for him because it came to a time where, he had no money to go to the studio and record. He said and i quote “I started selling things i got, to pay for my studio fees”; he continued by saying “It got to a time when I wasn’t not paid for the shows or events i perform in”. In all this happenings, he had in mind that “Winners never quit and quitters never win” Sparrow continued recording demos praying for a better day to come until one day he met a music producer and an Engineer called Eugene Kim Yung known in his field of play as Yungbeatz Gh, whom he became friends with at the same park where he normally goes to play football on a normal bases or in his leisure time when he has nothing doing at home.


According to him, he never had the slightest idea or knew who Yung beatz was in the music industry. So they began hanging out, until one day, he got to know that his newly found friend was a music producer. To his delight, Yung beatz was not just a music producer but also a Sound Engineer. So Sparrow began making his talent and rapping skills known to him until one day he was invited into the studio to record his first single titled ” Oh Charley produced by Yung beatz” which was released in 2014, his second track “One Top” was also released the same year, and  the hit song “Zaafi”  which was his third, was released in 2015, fourth track “Matters arising” was released in the year 2015. With hard work and diligence, he then released his fifth track titled “One day” of which, he featured dancehall artist known as Banju-I. Currently he has release a hit song this year titled “Ghana Abrabo”. In this song, he made it known to our nation, some issues confronting the youth today and also our country as a whole. It’s a song every Ghanaian should listen to.


He continued to release singles by singles off his Album, “The missing Album”. He has also shared stages with top artist in the likes of Pope Skinny, Dadie Opanka, Yaa Pono, Guru, D Cryme, Criss Waddle e.t.c. He has also performed in so many event/shows; of which i will list few of them. He has performed on platforms like Mix Masta Garzy’s Show @ Golf City Park and so on. He currently has a song titled “Kay Nyinma” with a top Gambian Artist named Mandy Morroy, of which he featured one of the dopest rappers in Ghana, 2fyngers which will be released in September this year. He is currently a student of BlueCrest University Collage, studying Software Engineering


Click on the links below to Download his songs:

* Sparrow Gh- Oh Charley

*Sparrow Gh- Zaafi

Sparrow Gh Ft Banju-I- One Day

Sparrow Gh- Ghana Abrabor

Watch out for more.

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