The Act of Drinking Alcohol Regularly, The effect and what it does to your system


I wish I had learned the following information years ago, or had at least been more mindful of it. While I do believe it is common knowledge that alcohol is not particularly good for us, I don’t believe very many of us know just how bad it is. I myself was shocked to learn that it is a known carcinogen, and was further surprised to discover that regular alcohol consumption actually inhibits the body’s natural ability to produce crucial vitamins.

Considering alcohol is a depressant, this information makes clear how negatively it can impact both mental and physical health, often leading to a vicious cycle of self medication. Let’s take a look at some of the long term negative effects of alcohol on the body.

Known Carcinogen

Many studies clearly correlate alcohol consumption and cancer development, linking moderate to regular alcohol consumption to the following types of cancer: Head and neck cancer, Esophagal Cancer, Liver Cancer, Breast Cancer, Colorectal Cancer, and more.

“Based on extensive reviews of research studies, there is a strong scientific consensus of an association between alcohol drinking and several types of cancer.” National Cancer Institute

Decreased Vitamin B12 Production

Studies have shown that drinking alcohol in excess compromises your vitamin B12 levels;  if you are already or become deficient in this crucial vitamin, your health may suffer greatly. Recent studies have also concluded that even regular, moderate use of alcohol can impact your B12 levels.

Decreased Vitamin D & Calcium Absorption

Alcohol interferes with the pancreas and its ability to absorb calcium and vitamin D. Alcohol also affects the liver, which is important for activating vitamin D, necessary for proper calcium absorption. This cascade of effects can lead to difficulties with bone regeneration.

Liver Damage (Cirrhosis)

Liver cirrhosis occurs when the liver becomes scarred, and while a number of things can cause this, a common cause of this is alcohol abuse. Cirrhosis of the liver can be very serious, even fatal, and often the only way to reverse it is through surgery.



As appealing and even empowering as the feeling of lowered inhibitions and increased confidence can be, alcohol is a depressant which lowers serotonin levels in the brain. Many people turn to alcohol to alleviate depression, but many actually develop it because of alcohol, hence why this can become a very vicious cycle for some people.

Memory Loss

Consuming alcohol slows down processes in the brain, often resulting in memory loss.  Excessive drinking, moreover, can result in complete “black-outs,” causing you to forget where you were, what you did, and even who you did it with. Over time, this can make it difficult to remember events that happen even while sober.


What Happens To The Body Right Away And Especially The Next Day?

Alcohol irritates the stomach and intestines, which causes an inflamed stomach lining and delayed stomach emptying.

You are becoming dehydrated, the consumption of 50 g of alcohol in 250 milliliters (mL) of water (i.e. approximately 4 drinks) causes the elimination of 600 to 1,000 mL (or up to 1 quart) of water over several hours.

Alcohol inhibits glutamate production, glutamate is a stimulant whose job is to keep us awake. However, when our alcohol blood-levels reach zero (i.e., hangover time), our body reacts by overproducing this stimulant,which results in in broken sleeps

According to this research, a possible explanation for alcohol induced hangovers  is that alcohol effects the neurotransmitters, histamine, serotonin and prostglandins.

How Much Is Too Much?

According to the Canadian Centre For Addiction and Mental Health, women should drink no more than 10 drinks per week with no more than 2 drinks a day. Men should drink no more than 15 drinks a week, with no more than 3 on one day. And you are not supposed to drink daily. I don’t know about you, but on a day that I go out and plan to drink it’s very rare that I would consume only 2 drinks. For instance, in the U.S. one out of ever six adults binge drinks 4 times a month with an average of 8 drinks per binge.


Some Benefits Of Restraining or abstaining from the act Alcohol Drinking:

  • Increased mood
  • More savings
  • Less or no hangovers
  • More time to get things done
  • Not having regrets from something stupid you may have done
  • Better memory
  • Healthier lifestyle

Be Confident


Confidence can be defined as a firm trust, faith, self-assurance, and self-belief. All throughout life, confidence is one of the greatest traits anyone can possess. Believing in yourself helps you rise above adversity. No matter the circumstances you find yourself in. You need to get your spirit up, by telling yourself, I can make it, no matter what I am going through. Get your hopes up. Be confident, set your believe on the right path. What you believe is what you become. Believe, perceive and you shall receive. The more you practice what you fear most, the lesser they become fearful. Always try something new. I mean do what you fear the most. Never rely on your weaknesses, find strength in knowing that you are an overcomer.


A Public figure and an Inspirational leader, in the person of Pastor Ray McCauley said in one his inspirational quotes said that “Confidence comes by building on your potential, capitalize on your potential. Focus on your strengths, the things you are gifted in and you will grow in your confidence”. And also some things happens in our lives that make us lack confidence in ourselves. Sometimes situations produce insecurities but if you have the endurance spirit, you can come out stronger than you thought you were before. But I encourage you to grow in Godly confidence, boldness and trust.



5 Ways to Boost Your Confidence

*Face your Fears: You want to be on the right path to your destiny? If yes, then you have to eradicate or cast out the spirit of fear in your life through Prayer. Ask God to grant you the strength and power to fight your fears. As the scripture says in “2 Timothy 1:7 For God has not given us the spirit of timidity, but of power, love and discipline. Be confident to face your fears each and every day. It might not be easy but little by little, as you master the courage to do that. It is a gradual process. Building up your confidence takes time. The more you face your fears, the more you build up your confidence. Confidence is built not sold.


*Speak What You Believe: Life and death are in the power of the tongue. Think twice before you speak because your words might plant the seed of success or failure in every encounter you make in life. Words are everything to life. So mind the words to utter. Be courageous to speak life into the dead.


*Avoid Criticism: To boost your confidence in life, you need to forget about whatever people say about you. The perception people have about you, doesn’t define you. It is what you perceive about yourself that works. It is how you see yourself that determines how you will fight the giants in your life. Don’t pay heed to their bad comments about your life. You own your happiness. Choose to stay positive-minded every day.


*Visualize the person you want to be: How do you view yourself now? What about in the next 5years? What do you want to do in future? Some people tend to under-estimate themselves because they failed to visualize who they want to become in life. You need to understand that, whatever work you set your eyes on, to be in life, requires hard work and determination. Be encouraged, see yourself doing it. You need to form a clear mental image of the person you want to become. If you aspire to be a Doctor, visualize yourself doing it and work towards it. Never become relentless. Fight towards your set goals.


*Having Integrity: Integrity is defined as entireness, wholeness; the unimpaired state of anything; Uprightness, and honesty. Confidence means feeling good about one’s self. You can’t be a liar and a cheat and feel good about yourself. One way or the other, things will definitely go wrong. Be honest in all your ways. Have faith in everything you do. Make sure anything you do is based on moral principles. Have a good perception about yourself.


Boost Your Confidence Now And Enjoy Life to the Fullest.

Music meets comedy with Foster Romanus, Jacinta, O.B. & Khemical at Global Cinemas, March 24


Global Media Alliance in Collaboration with ETV Ghana will on Thursday March 24 hold the maiden edition of Music Mixed with Comedy (MMC) Live, a monthly event aimed at bringing quality entertainment to music and comedy lovers in Ghana.

The great event to be held at the Global Cinemas, Weija, will feature comedians from Ghana and Nigeria; Foster Romanus, Jacinta, O.B. and Khemical and others. The night promises live band renditions of the audiences favorite Ghanaian and international tunes. This is actually the first edition. And i tell you; it’s going to be a blast. Don’t be left out. Make it a point to be there. Come One. Come All.


This great event is sponsored by Storm Energy Drink

Music Is My Life;How It All Started-Sparrow Gh






Hanging out With Yaa Pono


Sparrow And Donzy




With Opanka


Growing up in New Town, a suburb of Greater Accra, was a young talented and skillful rapper, born Eugene Owureku Agyeman Kyei-Yeboah known by his stage name as Sparrow Gh. Born into a nuclear family of four (4); that is his Parents, himself and a sister. He started his primary level at a prominent school called Deyoungster International School. After primary, Sparrow was enrolled in St Peters Mission School where he attained a little bit of his primary level education but according to him, some situations took turns and he couldn’t complete there. so he continued at a school called St Pauls School, Ashaleybotwe in Accra, where he completed Junior High School(Jhs). He later had an admission into Tema Secondary High School known as Temasco and completed in a technical  institution called Don Bosco Technical School where he studied Electronics. Asked why he wasn’t able to finish it all at Temasco, he said in an amusing tone “I was kicked out because of hard ear. Na ibe stubborn oo“. Oh Yes!  Funny right? I know.

                My Journey: How It All Started

After his Secondary level in school, Sparrow Started meeting music engineers like Dejoe, Prince Wani and also Mr Brown beatz. That is where his dream to be a musician came into being and started recording demos here and there. Recorded his first demo titled “Ready” produced by Dejoe”. And according to him the songs recorded with the above Engineers were not released. Asked why, his reply was “They weren’t cool, so i never released them sake of, if e cme  out aa, dead” . As we all know, challenges are bound to come and in every challenge God Promises us victory. And also the Success we see, brings many loss. Sparrow in his quest for success, had his take of this challenges. Life became tough and rough for him because it came to a time where, he had no money to go to the studio and record. He said and i quote “I started selling things i got, to pay for my studio fees”; he continued by saying “It got to a time when I wasn’t not paid for the shows or events i perform in”. In all this happenings, he had in mind that “Winners never quit and quitters never win” Sparrow continued recording demos praying for a better day to come until one day he met a music producer and an Engineer called Eugene Kim Yung known in his field of play as Yungbeatz Gh, whom he became friends with at the same park where he normally goes to play football on a normal bases or in his leisure time when he has nothing doing at home.


According to him, he never had the slightest idea or knew who Yung beatz was in the music industry. So they began hanging out, until one day, he got to know that his newly found friend was a music producer. To his delight, Yung beatz was not just a music producer but also a Sound Engineer. So Sparrow began making his talent and rapping skills known to him until one day he was invited into the studio to record his first single titled ” Oh Charley produced by Yung beatz” which was released in 2014, his second track “One Top” was also released the same year, and  the hit song “Zaafi”  which was his third, was released in 2015, fourth track “Matters arising” was released in the year 2015. With hard work and diligence, he then released his fifth track titled “One day” of which, he featured dancehall artist known as Banju-I. Currently he has release a hit song this year titled “Ghana Abrabo”. In this song, he made it known to our nation, some issues confronting the youth today and also our country as a whole. It’s a song every Ghanaian should listen to.


He continued to release singles by singles off his Album, “The missing Album”. He has also shared stages with top artist in the likes of Pope Skinny, Dadie Opanka, Yaa Pono, Guru, D Cryme, Criss Waddle e.t.c. He has also performed in so many event/shows; of which i will list few of them. He has performed on platforms like Mix Masta Garzy’s Show @ Golf City Park and so on. He currently has a song titled “Kay Nyinma” with a top Gambian Artist named Mandy Morroy, of which he featured one of the dopest rappers in Ghana, 2fyngers which will be released in September this year. He is currently a student of BlueCrest University Collage, studying Software Engineering


Click on the links below to Download his songs:

* Sparrow Gh- Oh Charley

*Sparrow Gh- Zaafi

Sparrow Gh Ft Banju-I- One Day

Sparrow Gh- Ghana Abrabor

Watch out for more.