Help Me Finish My Education-Larry Faircloth

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Living in Albany Georgia, is a strong determined and courageous man named Larry Faircloth; married to Jamie Faircloth with a 18 months old son and a baby girl due in May. He lived in Kittanning, Pennsylvania , then moved back home due to his Dad’s health. He is currently studying Computer, Mathematics, English, Health and World History and also willing to take some courses in Computer Draft design in Penn foster High School, online. He enjoys the use of  computers. He really need your help to enable him achieve his Goals and Ambitions in life. In a private chat with him, this is what he told me:

I’m trying to get the word out but I can’t. I’m passing high school classes and I need donations. Anyway you can wordpress me so I can get traffic visiting my donation site.  I’m trying to get my diploma so I can get into a good college. Yeah I’m trying to do it right and get an education, so I can provide better for my family. I’m right now on my health; with paying bills and getting baby stuff, I’m unable to pay for my schooling and they don’t offer grants or student loans for high school.

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So then, I urge you all, my readers, to help donate anything you have to support Larry to complete his education. You can click on this link to visit Larry’s website to donate: 

Thanks for been willing to help Larry pursue his dreams. God Richly Bless You All.


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