CALL FOR SUBMISSION (an anthology of bubbling realities)

Over decades unnumbered, the African continent has produced dexterous craftsmen in the literary industry whose impacts cannot be washed off in the speed of time. However, the African writer himself has been faced with a climate of troubles, ranging from building worthy contents to gaining attention, meeting up with standards of manuscripts, getting enough resources to pull a publication and getting the work serving as a bestseller in the world or one that would fade out in a month’s time. These agonizing stories have however been bottled up, giving a delusionary image to the largesse of the world and closing even the knocked doors of opportunities to the African writer, himself. It’s on this note that Ardent Writers, a literary oriented body announces the call for submission targeted for an anthology of bubbling realities themed : “TELLING THE STORY OF THE AFRICAN WRITERS”.

GUIDELINES. 1. Submissions are welcome from all African writers, of the age bracket 15 upwards. 2. Submissions must be a true account of the travails, experiences and troubles faced by the writer. Fictitious entries are strictly unallowed. 3. Every eligible writer is entitled to a submission. Double submissions are outrightly canceled. 4. Under no account should a plagiarized work be submitted. Submissions are entitled to scrutiny and hence, not all submissions would make it into the anthology. 5. Only writers who are of African descent are eligible to submit. 6. The anthology would come out as an eBook, to be released on OkadaBooks and other top sites. 7. Submission begins from 5th of February to 7th of May, 2018. 8. All submissions must be made to 9. The subject of the submission should be “BUBBLING REALITIES” with a biography of the writer not less than 100 words and a picture. 10. For enquiries, participation and sponsorship, contact : Gemini – +2348181400105 or Thanks!

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