2018 started on a clean note, giving a bubble of reassurance that plagiarism was going down the drain. But as it’s popularly regarded “new year, new system” – the plagiarist dusted his shoulder and applied dynamicity in his attack.

Art enthusiasts and spoken word lovers would testify to the fact that Philip Asaya released a mind blowing spoken word audio in 2017 titled Infractions, revolving around “jungle justice”. Amidst the blue waves of commendations, the plagiarist decided to strike at him. The level of craftiness employed by the rogue, in name of Ekemini Udonnah leaves me in total awe.

Ekemini converted Infractions to a prose work, scrapping off the title but the storyline and central theme remains contact. In fact, the lines employed were correlative to an extent. This is one of the reason why Trump sees Nigeria as a shithole country, how disheartening could it be when you can’t pay someone for his energy invested work, downloading it for free and yet still deciding to employ the highest level of cunningness to deprive him of the little kudos that serves as water to his dry throat? Until this very moment, I would never imagine that a spoken word piece can be relatively plagiarised.

Ekemini Udonnah’s profile highlights “God Fearing” but even God fears thieves. Men like him would attempt to steal the master creation of God, if only they could. A further press into his profile reflects as a worker at Artee Group, CEO at Elicdonnah Technology Service and a geologist by education. I only try to picture the level of fraud he would have played out at the various organisations he claim to work with. Ekemini Udonnah is a brute and a nightmare to the writers’ community. He has taken intellectual theft a notch higher and serving as a proof that both page and spoken form of art are endangered to these scary nitwits who will rather reap the creativity of another man.

Infractions can be downloaded via https://kulikuli.com.ng/phillip-asaya-infractions/ and the plagiarist’s piece can be sourced via https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1904066686302419&id=100000973189980

Ekemini Udonnah is a threat to the writers’ clan.

Yusuf Balogun Gemini,
Convener, War Against Plagiarism.
IG: @waragainstplagiarism

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