Exclusive! !Koo Ntakra Nominated For The Ongoing AGUE Awards

*Koo Ntakra* has been nominated for the people’s choice award in the ongoing All Ghana University Entertainment Awards”

Koo Ntakra a straight banga man in the music industry hitting both Ghana,Africa and the world as a whole has much works and great stuff and by God’s grace not the first time he has gained recognition again!!!

UrsTruly Praiz


PRESS NOTICE!!All Ghana University Entertainment Awards 2018!!

The earlier speculated media press conference for the 2018 All Ghana University Entertainment Awards has been confirmed. The press release is scheduled to be held at Gh Media on the 17th of February which is Saturday 12pm exactly.

Officials and Management have made some few changes in the concept of the Award scheme this time round though some nominations have been submitted already and so entreat all nominees and all others who wished they could be nominated to be there for more news/information on the changes.


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Samuel Bravo dumps Christabel Ekeh for A Uk based Actress.

The tallest actor in Africa, A.k.A the ladies man, is now been spotted with Screen goddess , Eman Sinare, who we thought was in Uk after her UNBELIEVABLE performance in Baabani and SALA which saw her pick awards in Nigeria and lately African Golden Movie Awards Discovery of the year…
The amazingly beautiful young Actress , which is also my personal favorite, has been spotted ever since she touched down from the Uk where it’s believed she’s been studying.

Following her closely, the two was spotted enjoying Icecream together and wearing clothes of same colors and now on a lovely road trip together. Looks like February fever has caught the two leaving Christabel Ekeh stranded , we stand to be corrected but my eyes never lie… well they could be on a movie but anyways goodluck to the duo whether True or False.
Im UrsTruly Praiz…
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2018 started on a clean note, giving a bubble of reassurance that plagiarism was going down the drain. But as it’s popularly regarded “new year, new system” – the plagiarist dusted his shoulder and applied dynamicity in his attack.

Art enthusiasts and spoken word lovers would testify to the fact that Philip Asaya released a mind blowing spoken word audio in 2017 titled Infractions, revolving around “jungle justice”. Amidst the blue waves of commendations, the plagiarist decided to strike at him. The level of craftiness employed by the rogue, in name of Ekemini Udonnah leaves me in total awe.

Ekemini converted Infractions to a prose work, scrapping off the title but the storyline and central theme remains contact. In fact, the lines employed were correlative to an extent. This is one of the reason why Trump sees Nigeria as a shithole country, how disheartening could it be when you can’t pay someone for his energy invested work, downloading it for free and yet still deciding to employ the highest level of cunningness to deprive him of the little kudos that serves as water to his dry throat? Until this very moment, I would never imagine that a spoken word piece can be relatively plagiarised.

Ekemini Udonnah’s profile highlights “God Fearing” but even God fears thieves. Men like him would attempt to steal the master creation of God, if only they could. A further press into his profile reflects as a worker at Artee Group, CEO at Elicdonnah Technology Service and a geologist by education. I only try to picture the level of fraud he would have played out at the various organisations he claim to work with. Ekemini Udonnah is a brute and a nightmare to the writers’ community. He has taken intellectual theft a notch higher and serving as a proof that both page and spoken form of art are endangered to these scary nitwits who will rather reap the creativity of another man.

Infractions can be downloaded via https://kulikuli.com.ng/phillip-asaya-infractions/ and the plagiarist’s piece can be sourced via https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1904066686302419&id=100000973189980

Ekemini Udonnah is a threat to the writers’ clan.

Yusuf Balogun Gemini,
Convener, War Against Plagiarism.
IG: @waragainstplagiarism

CALL FOR SUBMISSION (an anthology of bubbling realities)

Over decades unnumbered, the African continent has produced dexterous craftsmen in the literary industry whose impacts cannot be washed off in the speed of time. However, the African writer himself has been faced with a climate of troubles, ranging from building worthy contents to gaining attention, meeting up with standards of manuscripts, getting enough resources to pull a publication and getting the work serving as a bestseller in the world or one that would fade out in a month’s time. These agonizing stories have however been bottled up, giving a delusionary image to the largesse of the world and closing even the knocked doors of opportunities to the African writer, himself. It’s on this note that Ardent Writers, a literary oriented body announces the call for submission targeted for an anthology of bubbling realities themed : “TELLING THE STORY OF THE AFRICAN WRITERS”.

GUIDELINES. 1. Submissions are welcome from all African writers, of the age bracket 15 upwards. 2. Submissions must be a true account of the travails, experiences and troubles faced by the writer. Fictitious entries are strictly unallowed. 3. Every eligible writer is entitled to a submission. Double submissions are outrightly canceled. 4. Under no account should a plagiarized work be submitted. Submissions are entitled to scrutiny and hence, not all submissions would make it into the anthology. 5. Only writers who are of African descent are eligible to submit. 6. The anthology would come out as an eBook, to be released on OkadaBooks and other top sites. 7. Submission begins from 5th of February to 7th of May, 2018. 8. All submissions must be made to afrikastory@gmail.com 9. The subject of the submission should be “BUBBLING REALITIES” with a biography of the writer not less than 100 words and a picture. 10. For enquiries, participation and sponsorship, contact : Gemini – +2348181400105 or yusufbalo15@gmail.com Thanks!