Zodwa Wabantu Snatches Wig Of Female Fan For Throwing Drink At Her.

A video footage trending on social media shows moment South African controversial dancer took off the wig of a woman. In the video, the fan can be seen throwing her drink at Zodwa while she was performing at an Easter event held at the weekend to which Zodwa retaliated by pulling off the lady’s wig.

A video of the altercation has since been doing the rounds on social media, with some followers pointing out that violence should never be the answer in any situation.

In the video, Zodwa can be heard swearing at the young woman who threw her drink at her while she was addressing the crowd as usual.

“Don’t mess with me you bi**h. Come here,” she said.

Zodwa then got off the stage and onto the speakers, and proceeded to snatch her wig to “make an example” out of her.

“I don’t like sh*t. You know why? Because I’m just like any of you. I am not a celebrity. I’m here because you love me for being me. I will never let another bi**h just disrespect me. That’s why I took her hair. This doesn’t even look like the expensive kind,” she said on stage after snatching the girl’s wig.

Watch the Video Below:

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