An NDC activist and social media commentator, Mr. Cyril Lordson, has sent a strong signal to his fellow party men aspiring to various positions in the party in the upcoming internal elections, to stay away from ‘juicy’ government appointments when the party captures power in 2020.

According to him, there has been ‘awful’ instances in times past, where party executives abandon active party work and take up government appointments, while the grassroots continue to suffer painful rejection in the many challenges they face.

Mr. Cyril, who is very hopeful and optimistic the Ndc will win 2020 elections hands down, minced no words in charging the aspirants, from the branch to the national level to remain at post and serve the party while they endeavor to address the challenges of teeming party loyals.

_”I want to tell comrades contesting for positions in the party that if they win their contests, they should not take up any government appointment when we come to power in 2020. All party executives must concentrate on their work at the party office and most importantly, keep constant touch with grassroots”_

He went on to further state that the youth of the Ndc will not support any candidate who has the ambition to assume government appointments.

He also cautioned all aspirants to be decorum in their utterances in the media space, in such a way that they will not marr the personality of other candidates to satisfy their parochial interests.

_“If you go on radio or any media platform, say what you can do if you are given the mandate to serve the party, don’t condemn your fellow comrade who is contesting you. Ndc, we must always show other political parties that we understand democracy much more than they do. God bless Ndc and our homeland Ghana”_,
he concluded.

Source: Ebenezer Assan

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