The doctors at the Korlebu teaching hospital pediatric ward expressed their sincere appreciation to Twellium Foundation and Verna Changing lives for the love they showed to baby Regina by paying for every cost of her surgery to give her the treatment she needed because her family couldn’t afford it.

Baby Regina, born to Maajoa as known, was given birth to at the Akuapem Mampong hospital a year ago. The doctors and nurses after exameming her discovered she had no vagina and anus; medically termed as Cloacal anomaly. Due to this, the doctors made a hole near her stomach as a passage for her urine and feaces as a temporary intervention.

Verna changing lives and Twellium foundation, our hearts were touched when we heard of there story. The foundation although just two years old, has helped many. Verna Natural Mineral Water immediately released money to the Korlebu teaching hospital where baby Regina was referred to, and paid every cost involved in the surgery with the hope that it will be successful and see Regina have her life back.
Indeed Verna Natural Water, our love efforts were not in vain. Regina’s surgery came off successfully. The doctors were professionally able to put her organs in the right position and gave her the medical treatment she needed to survive.

It was a dream come true for us Verna changing lives; to transform lives and always make life better for another. We did it with baby Regina.
That wasn’t all. The Verna changing lives team followed baby Regina and the family to Akuapem Mampong to celebrate with them. Verna changing lives; we gave baby Regina and her mother a reasonable amount of money to tell them we love them and indeed care about them. We also gave them many products from twellium industrial company limited just to say that it gets better when another holds another up the ladder of life
Verna Natural Mineral Water, we hope to make this dream a forever dream as we keep extending our help to others. Support Verna Mineral Water. Why? Because every bottle of Verna Mineral Water you buy helps to transform another life.
Support the brand that supports. Verna!

Check out the video below

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