Exclusive: Detailed Info on How We Fund Our Annual Project Budgeted At Over Ghc20,000 Each Year – Executive Director- SpreadAid International Shares!!

Severally, I had to answer this question, ” How does SpreadAid International get to fund projects budgeted at Gh 20,000.00 each year?”
Let me share just four (4) with you.
1. Focus on a higher source: On a lighter note, some of my members say this, “I just dont know how it happens but once you (Julius) say it must be done, it is done” It is that simple. For every single project, my focus is not on who and who would bring what. The focus is on the giver of the vision. Sometimes, I don’t even know where it’s going to come from but I just have the strong resolve that once it’s “God’s project”, it would see the light of day. With that understanding, what I do is to present members and others the opportunity of benefiting from the blessing that comes with being a part of such project(s).
2. Create those who would believe even when you don’t believe anymore:
I have realized through several years of operation and through studies that it gets to times when you even cease believing in you or your dreams- sometimes both. That is a really difficult place to find yourself but it is not out of place- realistically, it’s okay to once in a while battle with such encounters. But don’t ask for it, it could be extremely terrible!
The point however is this; before you get to the place of unbelief, you should have created people or a person who can force you out of your unbelief immediately. Otherwise, it could cost you much more beyond repairs. Create those people with your vision and let them walk in it until they bear the name of that vision. Is that fund, yes! the greatest to have.

3. Don’t see people as money:
There are those who manipulate others in order to get money to do what they want to do. That is one of the greatest mistakes you can make. When you begin to place same value you would on a bottle filled with water on an “empty” bottle, soon that empty bottle would be filled as well.
SpreadAid International started years ago with solely students; people whom you have to pray and hope for that there should be something left for them to give towards a project after they have received merge income from parents and/or guardians to cover their numerous expenses. These were “no-bodies”, financially. Today, same people are either workers or are pursuing higher levels of education. Tomorrow, these people would represent status and value in their societies and beyond.
Should SpreadAid International wait for bankers, accountants, lawyers etc….before commencing, see for yourself the number of lives we would have derive of the privilege of benefiting from positive impacts. Probably, we would still have been waiting for the “right-time”.
4. Provide enough space in your heart:
As someone who starts an enterprise or anything worthwhile, you could face a difficulty of having to lose loved ones- not losing them as in they moving from mortality to immortality but they may give up on you, your dream or both. As challenging as it may be, learn not to hate people. Yes, you may wish they never left; we all wished for that but genuinely, sometimes, that is how far they can go with your vision. They have to move for others to come in, make room in your heart for that.
Dzagbletey Faith Adabah Julius
Executive Director- SpreadAid International.
Author- Strength From Within (The Power to Unearth Your Potentials)
Host- SpreadTalk (The Entrepreneurs Hub)
(+233) 548 198 980

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