The Northern Bazaar is an emerging restaurant in the locality of the nation’s capital that has the best of services to offer it clients and customers!
The masquerade behind the mask of this food host believes hygiene is an essential thing to cater for and so this food bazaar does its greatest best in terms of neatness of the surroundings.

Across time and space everyone chooses to have a taste of different foods on his/her tongue and so Northern Bazaar does nothing but the best of serving variety of foods each day and the consistency in the flow of their great and irresistible taste of foods makes them standout! !
We serve all kinds of locally recognized foods such as
#Tuozaafi with Ayoyo
#Fufu with Chicken soup
#Banku with okro
#Omotuo(Rice balls)
#Jollof rice with Grilled fish/chicken
#Plain Rice
#French fries
#Tubaani with Bongu
#Wasa wasa
#Palava sauce
and all other kinds of food!!
As much as workers would love to fill their stomach with the best to enlighten their day,Northern Bazaar serves powerful breakfast foods which include;
#Oats with fried eggs
# Hausa kooko
#English Breakfast
Pastries for your afternoons also include
#Spring rolls
#Meat and fish Pie
#Wedding cakes

Above are the best of foods that can be reached inside Northern Bazaar.
Our kind and sincere services include;
#we prepare all kinds of soup and stews
#we take orders for weddings, parties and all gatherings.
#We offer ourselves for the preparation of wedding cakes and others
#we take orders for sobolo and Zimkom
#We do delivery with Accra and tema at a very loq and cool fee.
#we offer our places for All sort of Social Gatherings and show live matches! !
Locate Northern Bazaar;
Abelemkpe,opposite Raypposh hotel on the commodore stree
email @northernbazaar08@gmail.com
Twitter @northernbazaar
Snapchat @misstash4.
We serve you nothing but the best!!