Breaking!! Samuel Bravo “The Tallest Actor” Has A Secret Wedding!

Wonders Shall never end!! Samuel Bravo who goes with the samba Africa’s tallest actor who was believed and witnessed to be dating Christabel Ekeh and later dumped her for UK based actress Eman Sinare has finally taken his woman to the alter!! Seriously what fans out there will believe is that he either married Ekeh or Eman right?? But no way!! Samuel Bravo has married a different lady who has never been seen walking with Bravo ever.. The question here now is..”why would such a public figure have a secret wedding?? “Also in a state apartment which has been believed that even to his own colleagues in the movie industry he invited non!! Should we say he is a womanizer or apparently he had promised too much ladies and so he was afraid to publicise this holy matrimony for the public attention?? There is more revelations to this case… Full video of the wedding ceremony drops soon!!!